.Creating Data Experiences

Lemonworx helps companies gain a competitive advantage by turning data into actionable insights.

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. Still relying on your instincts to make business decisions?

Making use of data pipelines, analytics algorithms and visualisation tools will help your company to make better business decisions. Lemonworx provides a range of solutions and services to help organisations get the most out of their data and gain deeper insights into their businesses, markets, clients, and accelerate growth.

By using our services and solutions, you can start making more informed decisions based on factual evidence rather than instinct or gut feelings.

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. About lemonworx

At Lemonworx, we help our clients build data experiences and start their journey towards becoming a truly data-mature organisation.

Every organisation has data which can be generated internally or externally however, the difference is making this data actionable in daily operations. At Lemonworx we have the right solutions to drive your company towards data-maturity.

Data-mature organisations see positive impact with cost savings, revenue growth and innovation - and are now embracing data as a strategic asset. At Lemonworx we can help you at every step of your journey by creating an ecosystem of solutions working harmoniously from data ingestion, analytics to insights, giving your workforce the power to make informed decisions instantly, in a secure and protected environment.


. 360° Data for teams

Data should be firmly embedded throughout the business, be easy to use and available to your teams and business units when needed. Gone are the days when your Team had to wait for days or weeks until Management found ways to extract data from siloed databases and generate some sort of report which was very often inadequate for the task at hand.

With built-in best practices, our solutions provide limitless data exploration possibilities, without interruptions and above all in nearly real-time.

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. Data-maturity equates to new opportunities

Data is increasingly becoming an essential asset in every organisation no matter how big or small. Data-mature and data-driven organisations leverage data to identify new business opportunities, better serve customers, grow sales by identifying new markets and reduce expenses by improving processes or operations.

As organisations become more data-mature, they start anticipating opportunities which would have been impossible to detect without proper analytics solutions such as those developed by Lemonworx.


. Real-Time Insights

Businesses rely on continuous and near real-time reporting to make better informed decisions. Without valid data-driven processes, they will risk obtaining skewed and inaccurate results.

Lemonworx provide solutions for decision makers bringing data at their fingertips in real-time, reducing bottlenecks to get data from different business units or data silos.

No more waiting for IT department to obtain the data from your CRM or other databases. With Lemonworx solutions that data is readily ingested into an analytics pipeline, augmented with the metadata and ready to produce insights.

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. Our Services

Collect Data from anywhere

Our experienced data engineers can help you collect data from different sources. Whether it is internal data that lives in your organisation such as CRM, files, or siloed databases or external data such as ecommerce portals (Amazon) or social media platform (Facebook/TikTok), we can help you move that data in near real time into an analytics platform. Once data is collected into your analytics platform, such data can be augmented with metadata to give it more context.

Data can also be collected from real world environments such as from shopfloors by gathering data from different sensors including LiDARs or cameras to measure for footfall, people counting or monitoring environments such as temperatures and humidity.


Right IT Infrastructure

For an organisation to become data-driven they need to have the right IT infrastructure. At Lemonworx we assist you in the journey to create the right infrastructure for your pipelines and analytics applications. Hosted internally in your organisation to comply with your industry regulations or hosted in a secure cloud environment to take advantage of massive computation power and accessibility, we can always offer the ideal solution for your needs.

A hybrid solution is also possible where parts of the data can be kept private in an internally hosted environment (adhering to strict regulations); this data is then cleaned through anonymization algorithms preparing it for specific tasks and transferring to the cloud where it can be used for further analytics purposes.

Data Security and Governance

At Lemonworx we know that an organisation to become truly data-driven needs to have an environment where data can be consumed by everybody and not just by data experts or C-level management. Placing high quality data into the hands of your operations teams will allow them to better identify new strategies or opportunities and start fostering data-driven decisions.

To do this , organisations need to establish a well-defined process highlighting personnel rights to data with very granular security and governance policies. Lemonworx experts will help you define such governance and security policies so that everybody in your organisation has the right access to the right data at the right time helping different departments make decisions based on facts.


. Becoming data driven is easy with the right partner

Actionable data makes any organization, and its personnel, unstoppable! With trustworthy data, an organization obtains a clearer view of how it can win in an exceptionally competitive market.

It is now time to be data driven!

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. Our Solutions

Collector - fresh data anytime

Lemonworx Collector is the perfect solution for driving fresh data into your analytics pipeline. Lemonworx Collector can retrieve unstructured data from different sources such as websites, blogs, e-commerce portals, social media platforms or files and transforming that data into a structured form, which can then be used to enrich your current data.

Lemonworx Collector can retrieve data at different intervals to be sure that you never miss that important piece of information. Use cases where our Lemonworx Collector was successfully implemented include:

  • Competitor Monitoring / Analysis
  • Pricing Optimisation
  • Lead Generation
  • Product optimisation
  • Brand Positioning on social media

The ability to extract and use fresh data from external environments such as websites can frequently be the difference between a success or failure for many projects. Lemonworx Collector can help you make sure you have the right external data at the right time.

Platform / Portals





Review Analysis, Pricing Analysis


Pipeline - remove data silos

A data pipeline is a series of steps that allows data to harmoniously flow from one system to another, for example from a third-party CRM system to a data analytics system. The raw data coming from your CRM is processed with other data sources such as those coming from Lemonworx Collector or from Google Analytics to give further insights.

Data pipelines done right have incredible advantages for enterprises such as real-time or near real-time ability to query every piece of data in your organisation without bottlenecks of the correct people to collect the right information from different data sources.

Lemonworx Pipeline is the solutions that helps enterprises create and maintain efficient data pipeline giving your organisation data superpowers for your business decisions.







Insights - visualise everything

As data-driven decisions become more important for every organisation, the most frequent tool used for analysis is spreadsheets. Although valuable, this tool lacks many of the important features needed for a true data-driven approach. Such tools lack the ability to gain access to real time data and the ability to fuse large data sets.

Lemonworx Insights is a solution that gives visibility to all the data in the right format. Creating informative visualisations of your data with an easy-to-use interface that promotes data exploration; Lemoworx Insights will give you the key to make data-driven decision.








. Data is only useful when people can use it

Access to the right data at the right time is what makes organisations successful towards their journey of data-maturity. Access to data on an intuitive platform that promotes data exploration without business friction is what creates higher quality results.

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. Working with Lemonworx

Our team of experts will help you along the way to become a data-driven and data-mature company. Our experience has already led many companies in different industries to harness their data and improve decision-making capabilities.

. Expertise

Reduce data gathering and data analytics complexity. Get instant access to the data that matters most for your next decision. With our experience we can help you create the perfect ecosystem of solutions to make your next decision as frictionless and data driven as possible.

. Scale

Scale your pipelines as your needs grow. We can help you transform your data-driven process and algorithms to the cloud to help you scale and reduce cost of the computation. Using the latest cloud innovations your data pipelines can become more reliable, distributed and secure.

. Empower

Analysing complex data is not simple without the proper tools and without the support of an expert partner to suggest the right solutions. At Lemonworx we empower companies to become data-driven by suggesting tailor-made solutions that allow them to make decisions based on data, providing training and support along the way.

. Trust your data to reach new frontiers

Accurate real-time data helps organisations make better decisions, which in turn leads to confidence in executing plans that would have been impossible to manage without proper solutions.

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. Some of our case studies

. How can we help?

Our team of experts boasts a diverse range of backgrounds including software engineering, data science and analytics. The team will be more than happy to analyse your current operations with the aim of suggesting the ideal solutions that will be the catalyst to transform your organisation into a data first powerhouse.

Contact us today to start your data-maturity journey and make sure that your next critical business decisions are based on facts and not just instinct.

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