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Lemonworx's Mission and Vision is simple . . .

. . . to envision, deploy and manage innovative and secure cloud conduits for enterprises, helping them become competitive in today’s software age.


Lemonworx provides full IT solutions spanning over software, hardware, networks and cloud Infrastructures that can be customised and integrated into any enterprise. The following are our standard products and these can be adapted to deliver according to the client’s exact demands.

Enterprise Cloud Portal

A web-based platform that helps companies interact with their clients and partnering collaborators, such as suppliers; efficiently and effectively without the need of using third party or external software.


A highly flexible web-based data analysis and analytics solution providing different data visualisation strategies for a company’s internal departments comprising data capture from different sources, extensive analysis through machine-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence. Cloudnalytics also serves different data and information views as needed.


An internet of things solution that is highly extendable and adaptable to cater even for the most demanding and data-intensive IoT scenarios.

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Lemonworx helps companies increase productivity and innovation. Offering services and solutions that can be fully configured and customised to meet your company’s needs. we offer solutions that allow you to devote time and energy to high value initiatives. Leveraging the latest in cloud conduits and development frameworks, our offerings are scalable, agile, and provide high ROI.

Business & Data Intelligence

Transform your data to knowledge using our advanced machine learning algorithms. We can also build bussiness intelligence software and analytics tools.

IT Security & Assessments

The first consideration in today’s digital age solutions has to be pinned down on information security. At Lemonworx, we have a dedicated division researching information security issues and problems.

Internet of

We can help you turn your everyday objects into connected,smart, readable, locatable, controllable objects. We can help product designers make thier products ready for the 21 century by enabling them to communicate with the cloud seamlessly.

Front Ends and APIs Development

With our unmatched expertise and on modern JavaScript frameworks such as NodeJS, we are uniquely positioned to create and enhance and maintain your custom cloud based application. We can help you to create your best product yet.

Our capabilities in brief

  • Software Defined Networking
  • Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • Smart Cards
  • Bluetooth
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Maps & Geolocalization
  • Javascript
  • API Design
  • API Development
  • NodeJS / Express
  • IoT
  • Machine Learning
  • Automotive Security
  • Hardware Security Modules

About Us

Lemonworx is a small but dynamic company that designs, develops, integrates and secures innovative solutions for enterprises seeking advanced technological answers to solve challenging business processes and problems. Our solutions involve the latest cloud conduits, infrastructures and cutting-edge development technologies whilst harnessing the power of big data combined with our custom-developed machine-learning algorithms and artificial intelligent processes. We thrive by being leaders and fast movers with our own team of active researchers and continuous training.
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Why Lemonworx

At Lemonworx we provide sysops for systems operation and management for already deployed solutions and software development where we undertake the development of custom-made solutions. We are geared to support different operating systems, deployment technologies and container technologies, such as Docker, along within different networking environments. Our expertise covers cloud platform providers and we work in an agile fashion, ensuring a quick turnaround.

In all our work security is a key component. Constant research and proper application of security aspects guarantee that the business operations with which we have been entrusted are being conducted in the cloud in the safest and confidential manner.

Our Team

At Lemonworx we know that our strength is the result of the combined effort of our Human Resources. Our team, a mix of specialist from various facets of the technological and business world, is continually being trained in the latest advances in related technologies and cloud computing. In-house training is infused with training at accredited training centres to attain industrial approved certifications developed by companies such as Microsoft, Cisco and Linux Foundation.